How to choose the best promotional gifts to boost your business?

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How to choose the best promotional gifts to boost your business?

How to choose the best promotional gifts to boost your business?

The right promotional products or gifts can help your company get increased brand recognition,increase customers loyalty. According to a survey:52% said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product from them, and nearly 50% use those products daily.

In the following,i’ll share you some tips to select the best promotional gifts and save cost as well.

Is the gift useful to recipient?

In order to be able to effective in promoting your company or brand,a promotional merchandise must be of great usage to the recipient.A useful gift means the recipient can use it and keep it for daily usage. For example,the multiple charging cable for smart phones.Is a must for daily use,we can’t leave without cellphones,even cellphones out of power.Wide usage for everybody,kids,work staff,housewives,the old.


Is the gift durable,reliable?

Though the recipient get the gifts for free. Nobody likes a gift stops working for just few days. Poor quality won’t make you a blooming business. Make sure the gifts you offer are of good quality,durable usage for a year or more.It is better to invest a little more in a quality promotional product to ensure that it does its job and represents your company well for the long run.


Is the gift relevant to your brand,service?

One of the qualities of successful promotional products is that it has to be relevant to your brand. This is a quality that helps drive home to recipients what your company does. This helps recipients and users associate your company with the product they have been gifted. For example,bottle cap headphones for coca-cola,Heineken are popular for brand promotion,but if you company has nothing to do with beers or beverages,then it may not be the best choice.

custom bottle cap headphone

Bottle Cap Headphone with Logo


Is the giveaway special?

Evaluate your competitors,think out of the box and offer your recipient some unique,novelty gifts that make your brand stand out.You’re likely to remember a company that the giveaways are functional,useful with nice looks.

Here are some examples of specialty of the promotional earphone ideas can work better than a general earphone like only with prints,universal design.



Custom McDonald Chips Earbuds



Custom Molded Earbud for Samsung Gifts


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