Digital IR Forehead Thermometer China Supplier

//Digital IR Forehead Thermometer China Supplier
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Digital IR Forehead Thermometer China Supplier

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Digital IR Forehead Thermometer

It’s manufactured for fast and clean forehead temperature tested

  • MOQ:500pcs
  • Logo:neutural
  • Suitable for forehead,ear, hand body temperature test
  • with CE /FCC/Rohs certified
  •  Within 2 days for delivery based on 500pcs
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Product Description

Non Contact IR thermometer medical

The forehead thermometer is Non-Contact, Measuring the forehead or ear 1 second reaction,easy and quickly. With Ergonomic design,easy to carry and easy to use ,Non-contact, more clean and health.IR thermometer is widely used in each community, buildings,restaurant,hotels where ever we go, our body temperature is tested in China from January till now and will insist until the virus controlled all over the world.

Why we offer IR thermometer ?

1,CE ROHS FCC Certified

2,This model we’ve developed since 2018,with durable quality and good feedback

3,Factory located in Shenzhen, with fast delivery 3-5 days for 2000pcs

IR thermometer is widely used in each area


Product details:

Product size:150*45*31MM Product

N.weight:84g With battery weight:94.5g

Body temperature range:32-42.5℃(90-109℉)

surface temperature range:0-100℃(32-212℉)

Exact value: ±0.1℃

Respons time:1 second measured


Automatic shutdown:7 seconds


IR thermometer forehead manufacturing

IR thermometer forehead manufacturing

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laser thermometer bulk pack

forehead temperature thermometers

forehead temperature thermometers


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