UV Light Disinfection Portable Anti Virus

//UV Light Disinfection Portable Anti Virus
  • portable uv light disinfection pack

UV Light Disinfection Portable Anti Virus

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Anti-virus UV light Pack bag

It’s manufactured for 99.99% sterilization of daily kits in this portable pack

  • MOQ:1000pcs
  • Logo:none
  • Suitable for anti-virus,sterilization of 99.99%
  •  Option color:black and red
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Product Description

 UV Light Disinfection Bag

UV light disinfection bag is portable to put daily uses like masks,keys,cellphones into the bag for fast disinfection and protect us from the virus for a house handy kit . It’s portable,USB power supply ,easy to carry outside.

This safety medical face mask is widely imported for medical use during the covid 19 spreading world-wide.


Why we offer this disinfection pack?

Some of clients we send free masks and they’re in great apprehension of the virus, asking us any way to lengthen the life -time of the KN95 masks. This is what we recomend for daily uses.

This is manufactured in a bag factory which we have reliable sources of quality assurance,flexible lead time. It will be a hot sale item in the coming 5 months.


Product details:

1, Input voltage:5v

2,input battery:600mA

3,UV Radator Power:3W

4,UV wavelength:185nm

5,Recommend operation temperature:0-50 degree

6,254nm radiation intensity:3.0m2/CM

7,Recommend time of disinfection: above 15 minutes/time

8,Product size:24*13*12cm

9,Certified with CE,FCC,ROHS99

UV light sterilaztion

UV light sterilaztion


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