How to Increase Sales by Choosing the Best Promotional Product for Your Campaign – 5 Steps

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SUMMARY: Promotional products motivate people to take action. The right incentive might encourage them to meet with a sales representative, try a new product, or attend a trade show booth. We spoke to a few experts about how they’ve boosted leads and sales by choosing the right promotional products to relay a message. Check out our how-to for five steps to success, including examples of effective campaigns. Big brands consider promotional products a significant part of the marketing mix, even when budgets are tight. Xerox, for example, always includes them in its annual budget, says Beth Ann Kilberg-Walsh, Manager, Marketing Communications at Xerox Corp. Promotional products are important, especially during tough economic times, she says, because that’s when companies need people to take action. “We’re all so serious these days … you have to create some type of fun … a little bit of enticement just to make the person act,” says Kilberg-Walsh. “Everybody wants to win something; everybody wants to get something.”Marketers need to be more strategic about how they launch campaigns involving promotional products. They should watch what they spend, whom they target, and how they maximize the ROI. […]