Are your earphones and their long cable making your life a bit difficult? Disappearing into an endless abyss in your bag just when you need them? Don’t break a sweat because the top retractable headphones have finally caught up with you. Retractable earbuds are those where the cable winds into a case collapsing your earphones into a couple of eartips, a bobbin and the plug. The boxy bobbin builds the solid presence making these earbuds easy to spot among the clutter. Organizing the cable of these retractable earphones will allow you to live tangle free.

The main advantages of the top retractable headphones

Retractable earbuds rescue from a lifetime of servitude to earphone cable. With these headphones, you will never have to lead another hunting expedition into your bag that holds all the supplies for Armageddon.
• The spool casing makes the retractable earphones easy to find. Instead of wires that could be anything, you would be searching for a small box that your grasp will recognize easily.
• Most retractable earbuds come with Bluetooth wireless headsets. Instead of dangling out of these wireless headphones, a simple retraction mechanism can swoop the earbuds in after use. Your Bluetooth headset will last longer if it’s retractable.
• Managing your cable via the retraction means unwanted cable length will not tug at bells and whistles of your gym equipment.
• You can regulate the cable length of your earphones if they are retractable. If you just want them to reach your breast pocket, retract only a certain amount and you have a neat way to handle the residual cable length.

colored earbuds

custom colored retractable earphone residual cable length.