There’s a lot of good promotion items:keyring,USB flash drive,bags,powerbank,pens,speakers,multi charging cables,etc.

Here we’ll share you  one popular gift promotion item: pritned headphones&earphones,custom molded earbuds for brand promotion.It’s not only a  perfect giveaway for any music lover enjoy their favorite tunes while introducing then to your brand, but to attract others.It will certainly boost  your brand and sales.They do make their lives easier. It’s an affordable way for you, think about it.

Here are some main features:

1,Low cost: earphone 0.39-1.9$;headphones 1.5-3$, and for new ODM earphones&headset designs with low cost.

2,Logo:easily to be printed on your brand name on earbud or headphones; also custom molded  your company logo type earbud.

3,Experience:with great sound beating with music,nice mood.

4,Durable:non-defective ones,long life time using.

5,Brand we offered:Paypal,Sephora,Armani,BMO,UFC,MBL,LA dongers,Honda,Coca-cola,etc

6,Material standard:CA65,ROHS,etc

7,Small quantity offer is our another advantage. with 1000pcs

8Free sample offering with fast delivery.