Are You Looking for the Most Convenient Way from HK Airport to Mainland China?

If you’re attending HK fair and you have the suppliers to meet in Mainland Guangdong provinces like Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shantou,Yangjiang,Dongguan,etc. We can save your timing and find the most convenient way to reach your destination.   Following are the lines from Kwoon Chung Bus at Airport,which you can avoid in the long queue for customs checking(about 30 mins). [...]

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How to choose the best promotional gifts to boost your business?

How to choose the best promotional gifts to boost your business? The right promotional products or gifts can help your company get increased brand recognition,increase customers loyalty. According to a survey:52% said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product from them, and nearly 50% use those products daily. In the following,i’ll share you [...]

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Why Choose Full Printed Lanyard Shoelace Earphones for Promotional Campaign?

Are you looking for new ideas for creative promotions to fit modern trends? We'd like to share you that we have a brand new idea for your next promo campaign-lanyard printed shoelace earbuds. colorful tangle free shoelace earbud-design your own now Nowadays technologies stepped forward and influenced every dimension of our lives. Today we can't [...]

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One of Top-Rated New Giveaways 2016-Light Up USB Car Charger

Are you always seeking new creative promotion gifts for different brands? Today we're bring you a novelty,creative portable 2 USB port car charger with logo glowing for giveaway. Why we only recommend you this one? 1,Logo: Show your brand fully. Engraved custom logo lights up when power in,your brand name stands out even in darkness,it's [...]

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Main Trade Fairs in Guangzhou and Hong Kong in April, 2016

Canton Fair (Guangzhou) Phase 1 (April 15-19, 2016) Electronics & household electrical appliances Lighting equipment Vehicles & spare parts Machinery Hardware & tools Energy resources Chemical products Building materials International pavilion Phase 2 (April 23-27, 2016) Consumer goods Home decorations Gifts Phase 3 (May 1-5, 2016) Office supplies Cases & bags Recreation products Food Textiles & garments Shoes Medicines Medical devices Health products International pavilion Global Sources Exhibitions (Hong Kong) […]

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How to Increase Sales by Choosing the Best Promotional Product for Your Campaign – 5 Steps

SUMMARY: Promotional products motivate people to take action. The right incentive might encourage them to meet with a sales representative, try a new product, or attend a trade show booth. We spoke to a few experts about how they’ve boosted leads and sales by choosing the right promotional products to relay a message. Check out our how-to for five steps to success, including examples of effective campaigns. Big brands consider promotional products a significant part of the marketing mix, even when budgets are tight. Xerox, for example, always includes them in its annual budget, says Beth Ann Kilberg-Walsh, Manager, Marketing Communications at Xerox Corp. Promotional products are important, especially during tough economic times, she says, because that’s when companies need people to take action. “We’re all so serious these days … you have to create some type of fun … a little bit of enticement just to make the person act,” says Kilberg-Walsh. “Everybody wants to win something; everybody wants to get something.”Marketers need to be more strategic about how they launch campaigns involving promotional products. They should watch what they spend, whom they target, and how they maximize the ROI. […]

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Why Custom Earbuds and Headphones Can Boost Your Sales in Marketing?

There's a lot of good promotion items:keyring,USB flash drive,bags,powerbank,pens,speakers,multi charging cables,etc. Here we'll share you  one popular gift promotion item: pritned headphones&earphones,custom molded earbuds for brand promotion.It's not only a  perfect giveaway for any music lover enjoy their favorite tunes while introducing then to your brand, but to attract others.It will certainly boost  your brand and [...]

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